There is no force as powerful as enthusiasm : Narendra Modi

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The word enthusiasm has been derived from the Greek word “ethos” which means “the God within”. Various English dictionaries define the term enthusiasm as “possessed by God; divine inspiration, or having a God within.” This implies that if you approach your life with enthusiasm you will have a powerful force working for you. “God” in the above phrases implies the creative life force operating within every individual.

If Enthusiasm were to be a person, we could deduce his qualities according to his genealogy. HOPE was the founder of the family and the father of COURAGE. COURAGE was the father of PERSEVERANCE who married Lady of Collateral line called PASSION by whom he had issue ENTHUSIASM.



This enthusiasm is magic; it is the secret to success. Approaching all areas of life with inspiration and enthusiasm results in the flow of positive vibrations. Whenever a task at hand is approached with positivity, attention, passion, and a keen interest, we pave the way for the most benevolent outcomes to emerge. It has been said in our scriptures,


“utsaho balvaan arya;   

    nasti utsah parambalam;   

    sa utsah hasya lokeshu ;   

    na kinchit api durlabham”                                       


This means that there is no greater force than enthusiasm. There is nothing in this world which we cannot accomplish if we believe in ourselves and are enthusiastic. All that which seems impossible is possible with the power of enthusiasm. Our Prime Minister, Honourable Narendra Modi, reminded us of this same power in his speech addressed to the nation, for the fight against COVID-19.

The power of enthusiasm can also be seen in everyday life. If you have known someone who wore enthusiasm on their sleeves, you would have noticed that whatever task they take at hand, things usually turn out well for them. This is the power of enthusiasm. An enthusiastic person does not give up hope even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances. They always remember the motto “Perseverance conquers all,” they keep striving with enthusiasm and try to convert their failures into success. It is motivation and enthusiasm which manifests as desire and interest and as a driving force that pushes people to act to pursue their dreams.



If you wish to improve your life, you must awaken your inspiration and enthusiasm. Keep telling yourself over and over again of what you are capable of, focus on your strengths instead of your weakness. Remember if you don’t have the inspiration to improve your life for the better, or the enthusiasm to keep going, you will have too much to lose. Laziness procrastination and lack of energy would settle in if you will not have an incentive and drive for following your dreams and also for the performance of minor daily tasks and chores. Instead of suffering, feeling uncomfortable, bored and passive, it would be much better to gather the energy and motivation to act and do the right thing at the right time. This would make you feel much better, happy and satisfied.


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